Wednesday, 18 July 2007

The Rails Toolkit

In my never ceasing quest to simplify things, I've decided to automate the 'getting ready to develop in Rails' routine. There are dozens of blog entries showing how to set up your Rails development environment, all of which seem to involve a long list of instructions and a good deal of compiling. But few, if any have wrapped that up in a script, and even fewer have bothered to package the instructions using the distribution's package manager.

So I thought it is time all that changed. I've put together a couple of installation packages for Ubuntu, and a dependency Gem that distill the entire setup process down to:
sudo apt-get install rails-toolkit && sudo gemcmd install rails-toolkit -y
Or at least it will do, once I succeed in getting the packages into the Gutsy distribution.

Until then if you want to help me test the package, you'll need to hook into the 3Accounts apt repository. Download the shell script at
save it somewhere and run it with
sudo sh ./3accounts-apt-setup
Once the repository is in place you can run
sudo apt-get install rails-toolkit && sudo gemcmd install rails-toolkit -y
and watch your Rails development environment install automatically.

Note that the packages in the repository are targetted at Feisty. You need to be running that version.