Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Vim Rails in Gutsy!

I use Ubuntu as my development desktop and vim as my editor. It has always surprised me that there are loads of blog posts around the Internet describing how to download various things, but nobody has bothered to package them up and get them into the actual distribution.

So following the 'scratch your own itch' principle, I've packaged up a bunch of vim-scripts that help me when editing Rails applications. These have been accepted into Ubuntu and are available in the forthcoming Gutsy distribution, where you will be able to do:
sudo apt-get install vim-rails

to install the software, and then

to make the necessary changes to your vim configuration.

If you want to install the package on feisty, you'll need to hook into the 3Accounts apt repository. (Or better still volunteer to do the backport to feisty-backports).

Download the shell script at
save it somewhere and run it with
sudo sh ./3accounts-apt-setup

After a swift:
sudo apt-get update

you're ready to install vim-rails.

Obviously this is just my package of scripts. If you find a problem with it, or think there is another script that makes Rails editing even better then post a comment, or file a bug using Launchpad.