Monday, 27 August 2007

The art of the leg up

The first step with any piece of free software is to stand on the shoulders of as many other people as possible. 3accounts has to make use of as much stuff that is already in place if it is to make any headway.
  • First and foremost I'm using Ruby and Rails. Both the language and the framework help get rid of the annoying plumbing you need to do to get web applications to work.
  • Secondly I'm using plugins and gems. I committed the basic structure of the login page today, and that is all plugins - specifically the restful_authentication and open_id_authentication plugins.
  • And finally I'm cribbing techniques. The Rails community delights in using screencasts and podcasts. Some are a waste of time, but the screencasts at Railscasts are definitely worth viewing to get you up to speed with Rails development as quickly as possible.