Thursday, 23 August 2007

The month in review

Well I'm not quite sure where August has gone. It's the bank holiday here on Monday and that to me is the official end of summer. Not that there's been much of one in Britain this year.

Anyway I've been busy on a couple of fronts. Firstly I've been squeezing a few packages into the upcoming Ubuntu Gutsy release. The 'apt' versions of 'sqlite-ruby' and 'mongrel' should be uploaded soon, to join the 'vim-rails' package which is already in there.

I've also added bash-completion to the 'rubygems' package and got that committed.

All this is part of my personal campaign to make Ubuntu ridiculously easy to develop Rails applications on. The 'rails-toolkit' will soon move to my Personal Package Archive on Launchpad. 'rails-toolkit' installs all the packages and gems for developing Rails applications without any messing around with scripts and lengthy instructions.

However once the Ubuntu Universe moves into freeze at the end of the month it is time to start getting real with the main feature - 3accounts