Sunday, 20 April 2008

Dilbert - probably the worst site redesign of all time.

If you've been to the Dilbert site ( recently you'll notice that they have redesigned it so that it has new features. Unfortunately while getting excited about all the new website toys they have completely forgotten about usability.

Faux pas include
  • having to scroll the Sunday strip (can you spot the arrow?)
  • Forcing the Sunday 8 box strip into 3 box format.
  • No way of easily getting to the previous or next strip without going through search.
  • Completely pointless flash tool
  • Even more pointless flash menu
  • Chewing the CPU
  • Crashes frequently on Ubuntu and IE 6 if you flip screens
  • Busy, busy screen.

It works so much better if you turn Javascript off.

Fortunately there is a workaround. Just look at the strips on Yahoo instead

Oh and make a note never to hire the guys at if you want a site that people can use on anything less than the latest Redmond specified supercomputer.