Sunday, 4 May 2008

Upgraded to Hardy

Well I've taken the plunge and upgraded my laptop to the 8.04 Ubuntu release (Hardy Heron). Overall the process was very smooth. There are some minor irritations with the way the wireless network works. (To do with the move from the binary ipw3945 driver to the open ipl3945 driver) and a trivial problem with my ML-1610 printer that simply required reselection of the driver to update the appropriate PPD. Other than that I'm here on Firefox 3, printing happily and transmitting over a secure wireless connection and generally enjoying life.

The main reason for upgrading was so I can show presentations on an external screen, and so I can use submodules in git (both in Hardy, but not Gutsy). We'll see if any more irritations pop up over the next few days. However so far, so good.