Thursday, 30 July 2009

Getting your Microsoft Windows Tax back from Amazon - it's not all plain sailing.

Based on the encouraging exploits of The Opensourcerer in getting a Windows refund from Amazon I thought I'd have a go at getting a refund as well for the copy of Windows on my new Acer Aspire 5536 machine (which definitely does have VM capability 'cos I've checked the cpuflags).

I was quitely confident that Amazon had adopted a sensible refund position in accordance with the law of the land. And so I sent off my email in the same manner that The Opensourcerer had done expecting it to be sorted in minutes.

Unfortunately it hasn't turned out like that and after several frustrating exchanges I ended up with this.
We are not in a position to offer a partial refund for this product. You can of course return the laptop to us for a full refund if you wish.
So it seems I must turn to the law of the land and enforce those mystical 'statutory rights' that you see mentioned in every retail establishment.

The next few posts will describe what I believe is the statutory basis for recovering the cost of Windows and the result of my discussions with Amazon will determine whether I'm right or not.

We shall see.