Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Banksters Win Again

So the banks have been bailed out again - this time by the courts. Apparently it is OK to create opaque penalty charge schemes that you need an Oxford Mathematics degree to understand. The rich can continue getting richer and the poor and innumerate can be damned. What a country we have created.

The banks have a totally transparent mechanism to charge people for borrowing money. It is called an interest rate. It levers a charge in direct proportion to the amount borrowed and the duration it is borrowed for. It is completely fair.

The issue is not charging people for borrowing, it is overcharging for borrowing at colossal imputed interest rates.

And of course if banks did try to carry out their threat to charge those in credit for bank services, then that would show without doubt that they operate as an oligopoly and run a cartel. So I don't buy their FUD.

Banks should be required to charge for everything via an interest rate. It's transparent, fair and understandable to Joe Plumber.