Wednesday, 18 April 2012

UK - people wanting work and vacancies - Jan 2012

Graph update, now including the amount of underemployment

The ratio of people out of work wanting work to vacancies

Source: Office of National Statistics, tables MGSC (ILO Unemployment Level Ages 16-64 - Quarterly seasonally adjusted), LFM2 (Inactive - wants a job - Quarterly seasonally adjusted), YCCX (Part time workers - reason for working part time, could not find full time job - Quarterly seasonally adjusted) and AP2Y (All vacancies - Quarterly seasonally adjusted).


Trixie said...

Neil, is it possible to provide similar update graphs for the US?

BT said...


Have you read this Bank of England speech?

It takes a Steve Keen-style approach to analysing the financial crisis and the subsequent stagnation in the UK.

Martin Wolf links to it here:

There is some pushback to Steve's ideas. The usual 'private debt:GDP rose but so did private assets:GDP' nonsense. But also an argument that UK private non-financial debt:GDP is not so high that it must come down. What's your view?