Wednesday, 17 July 2013

UK: Vacancy Ratio and People Wanting Work - Mar to May 2013

People wanting work. Looks like a steady expansion of the part timers wanting full time work.

The ratio of people out of work wanting work to vacancies. This continues to fall, and the vacancies recorded are mostly with the largest companies (over 2500 employees).

The UK participation rate.

This is the ratio of those 'in the labour force' (ie unemployed and employed) to the household population. It differs from the ONS's 'employment rate' in that it doesn't exclude those over 65 (although over 65s who want a job are still classed as 'retired').

This is still historically in very high territory but is continuing to fall - suggesting that we're not generating enough jobs to keep up with the workforce growth.

Source: Office of National Statistics, tables MGSC (ILO Unemployment Level Ages 16-64 - Quarterly seasonally adjusted), LFM2 (Inactive - wants a job - Quarterly seasonally adjusted), YCCX (Part time workers - reason for working part time, could not find full time job - Quarterly seasonally adjusted), AP2Y (All vacancies - Quarterly seasonally adjusted), MGSL (LFS Household Population - all aged 16 and over - Quarterly seasonally adjusted) and MGRZ (Employment Level - all aged 16 and over - Quarterly seasonally adjusted).