Thursday, 1 October 2015

UK Sectoral Balances - Q2 2015

At long last the data from Q2 2015 is out. All the data streams have been adjusted to comply with the new national accounts standards, so the specific data will have changed again. The trends stay roughly the same though. The Household sector continues to net borrow and the corporate sector continues to net save - somewhat similar to ten years ago. The five sector chart shows the household/corporate distinction much more clearly. We'll see next quarter whether the household debt continues to grow as required to get the 'surplus' the government is insanely obsessed about, and if the pattern of corporate sector saving and household sector indebtedness continues to follow the previous pattern.

Source: Office of National Statistics, tables RPYH, RQAJ, RQBN, RQBV, RPYN, RPZT, RQCH, DJDS (Seasonally adjusted Net Lending/Borrowing per sector plus residual error) and YBHA (Gross domestic product at market prices, seasonally adjusted). Data and calculations are available online