Friday, 24 June 2016

The Red Pill it is.

You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.
Well my fellow Britons, it seems that I doubted you. I hope you will forgive my weakness, but with the entire propaganda arm of the ruling class desperately trying every spin trick in the book, it was easy to get despondent.

So now we have a job of work to do. To eject the Internationalist Authoritarians and replace them with a progressive alternative that actually speaks to the voters.

Let's remind ourselves what this referendum has taught us:

  • Open borders is finished as a concept. People want nations for the same reason they want family and not just friends. People like their friends but want to live with their family - behind their own front door. Demonising nations is like demonising family, and needs to stop.
  • Basic Income kills people. If the state ignores its obligation to find people something to do, the extremists will step into the gap and find them something to do. If we want to stop more extremist murders and violence, then we have to ensure everyone is engaged in society  - supported by appropriately staffed Social Care.  
  • The Single Market is largely irrelevant to the UK - and likely dangerous. Its purpose is regulatory harmonisation. But regulatory differential is how you control globalised operations - force them to be different in every nation so that they can't get power over the nation from economies of scale.
  • We now need politicians that actually represent the voters in their constituency. It's very clear watching the excellent John Harris videos on The Guardian, that the views of the MP differed markedly from the view of the voters. And even when that was demonstrated clearly to the MP the MP carried on with their own viewpoint like a true zealot. This is all a result of intersectionality, identity politics, quotas and the rest of the Regressive Left machinery. All of that has to be jettisoned if we are to make progress for ordinary people.
International socialism is dead, and if we are to avoid the resurgence of national socialism we need to put an attractive alternative in the gap. 

So we need a National Contained Capitalism. One where markets are contained in the same way as nuclear reactors and for the same reason. We want the power without the boom.

So we
  • reveal the Noble Lie
  • stop issuing Gilts and go back to the Ways and Means Account.
  • give banks a list of what they can do – what serves the public purpose – and ban them from doing anything else
  • Use National Savings as the vehicle for delivering pensions.
  • draw up the new management processes for floating rate exchange systems and realise that one of our main exports is Sterling Savings. 
  • put in place an appropriate visa system - as used by every other advanced civilised nation outside the EU. 
  • initiate a Job Guarantee - More Money, Less Tax, More Tolerance, Less Sneering
  • change the political conversation so that £s are never mentioned. Healthcare outcomes, for example, should be discussed in terms of the people available to deliver those outcomes - where are they, what are they doing now, etc.
  • Look towards a policy of Zero Net Migration - which I believe is the only morally defensible position for a nation. 
The latter point perhaps needs some expanding. An excellent article in the Guardian (Brexit is not the property of the political right. The left is disenchanted too - which I recommend reading in full) spelt the issue out:
High rates of immigration into Britain are driven by a British growth model that favours expanding the labour force in place of more intensive forms of growth aimed at boosting productivity.
Both main UK political parties have taken the easy way out for too long. That is now over. We must concentrate on public investment in productivity that the private sector can then exploit for maximum domestic output.

When a business cries 'skills shortage' we should see it for what it really is: 'business investment and training shortage'. Do more with what we have has to be the mantra - not just for the UK, but for the world.

I want to see new governance systems developed here that we can export to the rest of Europe and the world. The last time we stepped back from Europe and looked out to the wider world, we kicked off the Industrial Revolution and the greatest increase in living standards in history.

In an era of climate change and global threats, Britain has to do that again and lead the world in driving progress and necessary change.

It's time to put the Great back in Britain.